Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my listing on the tour?

Adding your property to the tour is easy.  First the listing MUST be active in the MLS. To access the Broker Tour, you must log into the website at and click on the SSO Launchpad in the upper right hand corner.  Log in using your username and password.  Click on the Broker Tour Icon and you will be directed to the Broker Tour.  Click the "add" button next to the appropriate tour.  Complete the required information and submit.  Once submitted, your property has been added to the tour. 

How many properties can be on a tour?

There is a limit of 15 properties total per tour area.  For every 10 listings per agent/team each are allowed to have 1 property on the tour.   Also, during the off season (November 1st - April 30th), if a tour is not full 3 days before the tour date then an agent can submit one additional property.  This is on the honor system, so please be courteous!

When are the tours?

The Broker Tours are held on the first four Tuesdays and Thursdays of each month.  There are also tours on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.  Every tour is scheduled from 11:00am until 2:00pm.

When will I be able to see my property on the website?

Once you have submitted a tour, your property will show up on the tour schedule immediately.

What do I need to do for the tour?

The tours should be treated like an open house.  Make sure that there is someone at the property for the complete time that the tour is scheduled.  Also, put signs out to help REALTORS®  locate the property.

How can I make a change to my property information?

Once you are logged into the SSO and have clicked on the Broker Tour icon, you are able to make changes to your tours by clicking on the "My Tours" button and select the tour to edit.  You can also delete the tour from the "My Tours" section as well.  The changes will show up immediately on the tour schedule.

What are the incentives?

Incentives are offered by participating agents to attract more agents to see their property.  Common incentives include food, snacks and drawings.  Incentives are not required.

What are the boundaries of the Breckenridge areas?

Breckenridge South:  South of Boreas Pass Road to Hoosier Pass (Blue River, Alpine Breck, Spruce Valley, etc.)

Breckenridge West:  North of Boreas Pass Road, West of Main St./Rt. 9 and South of the 7-11 at Huron Rd/French Gulch (Including Warriors Mark, excluding Peak 7).

Breckenridge East:  North of Boreas Pass Road, East of Main St./Rt. 9 and South of the 7-11 at Huron Rd./French Gulch (Including Boreas Pass Rd. and Wellington)

Breckenridge North:  North of the 7-11 to Swan Mountain (Highlands, Peak 7, Silver Shekel, etc.)

What should I do if the tour is on a holiday?

Our tour policy is that if a tour should land on a holiday it will not be moved.  The board has discussed this on several occasions and has decided that moving the tour is not cost efficient.  Please know that you may always hold an open house for public or the broker community at any time.  The board has set up the list serve broadcasting system with a specific list for open houses.  If you want more information please call the Membership Director or Broker Services Manager to get signed up.

Does my listing need to be Active in the MLS to hold the Broker Open House there?

Yes, it does need to be an active listing in the MLS to participate in the Broker Tour. 

What do I do if my SUPRA key/fob won't work?

There can be many reasons for a SUPRA key to not work.  Here are some options/solutions:

Display Key:

  • Your display key hasn't been updated.  If an emergency update code is needed because the key did not update, call 1-888-968-4032.
  • Your bill is past due and service has been interrupted.  Call SUPRA support at 1-877-699-6787
  • Battery is low in your key and the key needs to be replaced.  You will need to stop into the Association during business hours.
  • Error code - SAR office personnel cannot interpret what an error code means.  Generally, a call to SUPRA is needed. 


  • If using an Iphone, reset the fob by activating it and the pushing the button 5 times n a row.  Un-pair the fob from your phone and do not re-pair.  Attempt to open the box again.  This should pair the fob automatically with the phone and open the box.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to delete the app and reinstall.  If you need to do this, then you will also need the 30 digit activation code.  To obtain this code, simply call the Association at 970-468-8700 or call Supra if after hours or on the weekend at 1-888-968-4032.
  • Fob doesn't seem to be working.  If the fob is showing a red light rather than green, it simply could require a new battery.  If the fob seems to be working but fails to open a box, check to see if the fob has three "bumps" on the back side.  If it doesn't, it could just need to be replaced as it is an old model.  If it does have the three bumps, follow the steps listed in the first help in this section starting with resetting the fob.

Please note that Windows phones are not compatible with the SUPRA system.  We have also had recent reports that Motorola Droid phones, once updated to the latest software, will no longer work with the SUPRA system.


How do I change the credit card on file for my SUPRA charges?

Simply call our office and we are happy to update this information.

I am on Auto Pay.  Why are not all of my invoices being paid automatically?

Our system is set up to only use Auto Pay for the Monthly MLS fees.  All other charges must be paid for via Check or credit card.

How do I update my Auto Pay credit card?

There are two ways you can update your credit card information:

1) Go to and click on the SSO Launchpad in the upper right hand corner.  Log in with your username and password.  Once you are in the SSO, click on the MMSI SAR Dashboard icon.  Then click on "Profile Setup".  Delete your current information and then enter the new card information.  You will need to delete the complete record even if it's just an update to the expiration date.

2) Call the SAR office and provide the new information to one of the Association staff members.

I have an education class to pay for as well as my monthly MLS fees.  Can I write one check?

No, SAR and MLS are two separate companies, therefore two checks will need to be written.  If you are paying by credit card, it will be required that we run your card for each charge.  

How do I get an additional SUPRA lock box?

If an additional lock box is needed, the SAR staff will look at the current inventory at your office.  If it is decided that your office has an excess of lock boxes, your request could be denied.  However, if it is determined that your office does need more, we will assign a lock box to your office but there will be a $25.00 deposit required. This deposit is returned when the lock box is returned to the Association.

The lock box is malfunctioning and the shackle won't release.  Now what do I do?

If the shackle won't release when you are attempting to remove if from a property, it will need to be cut off.  If the box won't open because of improper installation, the cost of removal must be paid for by the member. However, if it is determined that the lock box is malfunctioning and it is a box issue, the Association will pay for it's removal.  Please call the Association for recommendations on this service.  If the box isn't returned to us, the member will be charged $250.00 for the box.

When are my annual dues billed and due?

Annual dues will be billed sometime in October.  These dues will need to be paid by December 31st in order to avoid late fees.

Why do I need to pay annual dues?

The annual dues are a combination of SAR, NAR and CAR dues.  It is a requirement that brokers pay these fees to be a member of the Association.

How do I make an ethics complaint or contact the legal helpline?

If you are wanting to make a formal complaint, the correct person to contact regarding this is Amy Reid at Colorado Association of REALTORS ®.

Her contact information is:

Phone number: 800-944-6550

Email address:

Or you can go to to fill out the forms needed online.

If you have a question on Real Estate Law and related matters you can contact the REALTORS ® Legal Hotline. This puts you in touch with a Real Estate Attorney. If you are the managing broker you can register at and it will walk you through how to obtain your Hotline ID.   

What are the policies surrounding photos in a listing and attachments?

NAR MLS Policy Statement 7.85:

The listing broker owns the listing agreement. Prior to submitting a listing to the MLS, the listing broker should own, or have the authority to license all listing content (e.g., photographs, images, graphics, audio and video recordings, virtual tours, drawings, descriptions, remarks, narratives, pricing information, and other details or information related to listed property) to be published in the MLS compilation of listing information.

Use of listings and listing information by MLSs for purposes other than the defined purposes of MLS requires participants’ consent. Such consent cannot be required as a condition of obtaining or maintaining MLS participatory rights. MLSs may presume such consent provided that listing brokers are given adequate prior notice of any intended use unrelated to the defined purpose of MLS, and given the opportunity to affirmatively withhold consent for that use.

Participants cannot be required to transfer ownership rights (including intellectual property rights) in their listings or listing content to MLS to obtain or maintain participatory rights except that MLSs may require participants to grant the licenses necessary for storage, reproduction, compiling, and distribution of listings and listing information to the extent necessary to fulfill the defined purposes of MLS. MLSs may also require participants to warrant that they have the rights in submitted information necessary to grant these rights to MLS. (Adopted 5/05, Amended 5/06)