Awards and History


  2022   Steve Fisher            
  2021   Courtney Peroutka            
  2020   Dana Cottrell            
  2019   Thomas Coolidge 1999   Don Angell 1979   Ann McCrerey
  2018   Jason Smith 1998   Dennis Clauer 1978   Roger Miller
  2017   Kathy Christina 1997   Phil Heller 1977   Roger Miller
  2016   Tom Harmon 1996   Lisa Bova 1976   Barney Knapp
  2015   Dennis Clauer 1995   Mary Lynn Carner 1975   Craig Gruber
  2014   Andrew Biggin 1994   Fern Bechtel 1974   Tom Foster
  2013   Jackie McPheeters 1993   Paula Stanton 1974   Bob Hunter
  2012   Jackie McPheeters 1992   Jim Callery 1973   Nanci Campbell-Ammer
  2011   Jason Brewer 1991   Anne Selle      
  2010   Anne Marie Ohly 1990    Bob Heath      
  2009   Bonnie Arnold 1989    Linda Kreider      
  2008   Kouri Wolf 1988   Rob Mitchell       
  2007   Gail McDonald 1987   Dennis Johnson       
  2006   Pamela Boyd 1986    Dave Pierce       
  2005   Bonnie Smith 1985    Chuck Carner       
  2004   Voyd "Butch" Elich 1984   Tim Post       
  2003   Ken Deshaies 1983   Pamela Miller       
  2002   Andrew Biggin 1982   Pamela Miller       
  2001   Allison Simson 1981   Tom Malmgren       
  2000   Jo Laird 1980   Ray VanCleave       

REALTOR® of the Year is selected by the REALTOR® of the Year Committee.  Nominations for this award are accepted from any Primary REALTOR® in good standing.  The broker receiving the REALTOR® of the Year award has been a member of SAR for a minimum of 5 years and has played a significant role in SAR and the SAR Board.  The recipient must exhibit a high degree of professionalism, cooperation with other REALTORS®, and high ethical standards.  Other considerations are (but not mandatory) civic  activity, participation in CARHOF and PSF, or active at the state level in CAR.  Congratulations to the current and past REALTOR® of the Year. 

  2019   Kevin Broadrick 1999   Andrew Biggin
  2018   Stacy Shelden 1998   Jay Albert Bauer
  2017   Eric Degerberg 1997   Lisa Bova
  2016   Jackie McPheeters 1996   Dennis Clauer
  2015   Kathy Christina 1995   John Shotton
  2014   Andrew Biggin 1994   Paula Stanton
  2013   Jason Brewer 1993   Mary Lynn Carner
  2012   Jason Smith 1992   Jo Laird
  2011   Amy Caniglia 1991   Fern Bechtel
  2010   Tom Malmgren 1990   Dennis Johnson
  2009   Rodney Allen 1989   Rob Mitchell
  2008   Voyd "Butch" Elich 1988   Chuck Carner
  2007   Bonnie Smith 1986   Dennis Johnson
  2006   Anne Marie Ohly 1985   Ann McCrerey
  2005   Joanne Hanson 1984   Samuel Williams
  2004   Anne Marie Ohly & Paula Stanton 1983   Pamela Miller
  2003   Andrew Biggin      
  2002   Jo Laird      
  2001   Dennis Clauer      
  2000   Rob Mitchell      

The Affiliate of the Year award is chosen by the REALTOR® of the Year committee.  Nominations for Affiliate of the Year are accepted from any Primary REALTOR® member in good standing.  The Affiliate of the Year must have been an Affiliate member of  SAR in good standing for no less than 5 years.  He/she must have played a significant role in SAR in attendance, participation and Sponsorship of SAR activities.  The Affiliate of the Year must exhibit a high degree of professionalism and cooperation.  We are  pleased to share the list of current and past Affiliate of the Year.


  2019   Mary Waldman, Summit Mountain Rentals
  2018   Jennifer Farrel, Title Company of the Rockies
  2017   Roger Hollenbeck, Blue River Home Inspections
  2016   Charlie Stanley, Pillar to Post
  2015   Darlena Marmins, Colorado State Bank and Trust


  2019    NA
  2018   NA
  2017   Turk Montpare
  2016   Mark Thomas
  2015   Henry Barr




SAR Emeritus Members must meet the following criteria: Have at least 25 yeas as a REALTOR®, have at least one year of service as an officer in SAR, CAR or NAR and must have been a SAR REALTOR® of the Year.

  2019   Allison Simson
  2018   Andrew Biggin, Lisa Bova, Dennis Clauer, Eric Degerberg, Butch Elich, Dennis Johnson, Tom Malmgren, Anne Marie Ohly, Bonnie Smith, Paula Stanton