Primary and Secondary REALTOR® Members

An individual is a primary Member if the Association pays state and National dues based on such Member. An individual is a secondary Member if state and National dues are remitted through another Board/Association. One of the principals in a real estate firm must be a Designated REALTOR Member of the Board in order for licensees affiliated with the firm to select the Board as their "primary" Board.

Please complete the following application if you are interested in becoming a primary or secondary member. 

Primary/Secondary Application


MLS Only Participant

In order to be an MLS Only Participant, all brokers must hold “Full Membership” with a board first. This is strictly an MLS only participant option.  See the application for further information.

Please complete the following application for MLS Only Participation.

MLS Only Participation Application


Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members shall be real estate owners and other individuals or firms who, while not engaged in the real estate profession, have interest requiring information concerning real estate, and are in sympathy with the objectives of the Association. The Summit Association of REALTORS® does not evaluate affiliates before allowing them to become affiliate members of the Association.

Please complete the following application if you are interested in becoming a member. 

Affiliate Application


Administration Application

Please complete this application if you are requesting MLS access for your office assistant or personal assistant.  Please note: All users of the MLS MUST have their own login username and password.  

Administration Application


Returning Member Application

This form needs to be completed if you are a returning member (special applications may apply).   

Returning Member Application


Office Transfer Application

This form needs to be completed if you are changing offices from one brokerage to another.   

Office Transfer Application


New Office Application

This application is needed if you are opening your own office or your office is not yet apart of the SAR/Summit MLS.

Please complete the following application if this fits your situation.

New Office Application 


Instructor Application

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the Summit Association of REALTORS®  Click on the link below for the appropriate form.

Instructor Application


Summit Area Designation Application

Click on the link below for the Summit Area Designation Application and Course Tracker.

SAS Application