Online Webinar: Building Science and Cost of Ownership in Mountain Homes 2(CE) with Matt Wright

Date: March 31, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Contact: Mikel Traweek
Phone: 970-468-8701

Online Webinar: 2(CE) Building Science and Cost of Ownership in Mountain Homes Class. 2(SAS Elective) towards the SAS Designation. An energy efficient home is a simple home. Summit County homes are not.

With Instructor, Matt Wright, VP of the BOD of the HCCC.


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Class Description:

  • In this class students will come away being able to answer these questions:

For a second homeowner “Why are my bills so high? We’re only here a couple months out of the year.”

For a homeowner who Short-term rents: “How do I keep renters from jacking up my bills?” or “I have a lock-off and they can hear every footstep.”

Ice dams “Oh, I’m not worried about ice dams, the heat tape guys are coming next week.” or “I have renters and their entrance is directly under a huge ice dam. I don’t want to get sued.”

You will also come away with a general understanding of:

  • An energy efficient home is a simple home. Summit County homes are not.
  • Tongue and Groove, Exposed Beams
  • Lack of air circulation, everyone’s got a boiler
  • Log homes
  • Stepped foundations with bump-out walls
  • Problems sleeping because of altitude
  • De-rated heating appliances because of altitude
  • Radon



Matt Wright is a local business owner, Vice President of the Board of Directors at High Country Conservation Center, and a known advocate for energy and the environment at the local government level. With over 20 years of construction experience and over a decade of building science expertise, Matt Wright is also the premier building performance expert for the mountain corridor. He founded Deeper Green Consulting in 2009 and has since brought the county steadily closer to building performance excellence. With a focus on energy efficiency, comfort, occupant health and safety, indoor air quality, and building durability (especially with regards to ice dams), Deeper Green Consulting has led the way in solving issues faced by homes specific to our climate and altitude.

Matt Wright previously presented to SAR in 2013 on utilizing green certifications through your MLS. This time we are excited about Summit County’s bold new energy codes, and we hope to show how realtors can apply building science in a tangible way to improve business and customer relations.