New Member Orientation with Jason Smith and Sarah Thorsteinson

Date: November 18, 2020
Time: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Zoom Meeting
Contact: Mikel Traweek
Phone: 6166105379

New Member Orientation. This is one of the three mandatory classes for SAR members. This class covers Anti-Trust Laws, Fair Housing Act, the Summit, the Colorado and National Association.

With Instructors, Jason Smith and Sarah Thorsteinson. 

Zoom Meeting

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Class Description:

With the zoom platform, we have broken this class into two parts.

PART 1 -

New Member Orientation is one of the three mandatory classes that all members of the Summit REALTORS must attend.

PART 1 is led by Jason Smith | REALTOR, Past President, SAR REALTOR of the Year, and Sarah Thorsteinson | Summit REALTORS Executive Director. This class gives you a good look at Anti-Trust Laws, the Fair Housing Act, and Summit REALTORS.

$This class is free for all members of the Summit REALTORS.

Check the SAR Website or SAR Dashboard (accessible from the Single Sign-On) to sign up for PART 2.

The other two classes required by The Summit REALTORS® are:

New MLS Training

Ethics 3 CE