Ethics 3(CE) with Tod Franklin CRS GRI SFR ISS

Date: December 9, 2020
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
Contact: Mikel Traweek
Phone: 970-468-8701

3(CE) NAR Cycle 6 Ethics. This class meets the NAR Cycle 6 (01.01.2019 - 12.31.2021) Ethics Requirement. As REALTORS®, we abide by the Code of Ethics.

With Instructor, Tod Franklin CRS GRI SFR ISS 

Zoom Meeting

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Class Description:

3(CE) NAR Cycle 6 Ethics. This class meets the NAR Cycle 6 (01.01.2019 - 12.31.2021) Ethics Requirement.\

As REALTORS®, we abide by the Code of Ethics. What is the difference between license law and the Code? Between CREC and CAR? The Ethics Update Course not only offers a review of the principles by which we operate but also provides continuing education credit. CAR, NAR, CAR, and SAR require successful completion of this mandatory Code of Ethics Review. which meets minimum criteria established by the National Association of REALTORS® as a condition of obtaining/retaining REALTOR® membership with your local Association. Topics covered are Ethics (Articles 1, 2, 3), Mediation, Arbitration (Article 17), Case Studies, Due Process, and Procuring Cause.

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28 Year Broker and Realtor in Colorado, Colorado Real Estate Commission Certified Instructor, Colorado Real Estate Commission Advisory Task Force, Relocation Specialist

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