Wildfire Prevention in Summit County

Potential Wildfire policies could increase the cost of home-ownership in Colorado.

In 2013, after Colorado experienced some devastating wildfires, the Governor's Wildfire Task Force submitted policy recommendations for preparedness and mitigation, including those that could impact property rights, values and sales, and the availability and cost of insurance.
SUMMIT REALTORS®, believe wildfire preparedness should be achieved through education, voluntary mitigation efforts and incentives, not by unreliable risk ratings and government mandates.

As a wildland-urban interface (WUI) - a place where human development is adjacent to or surrounded by wildlands - Summit County has more than 23,000 properties at risk for wildfire. This WUI designation means Summit County homeowners are at increased risk of the negative effects of proposed legislation.

Among the recommendations of concern include:

  • A disclosure that a home is within the WUI and at a higher risk for wildfire.
  • A website that would rate all WUI properties on a scale of 1-10 for wildfire risk.
  • Higher property taxes for homes in the WUI.
  • Costly and mandatory defensible space and wildfire mitigation.

The 2013 recommendations were not implemented, but unless homeowners are proactive with mitigation efforts, another bad wildfire season could motivate legislators to approve those detrimental mandates.

SUMMIT REALTORS®, in partnership with the Colorado Association of REALTORS® Project Wildfire, 
Pillar to Post, iTrip Vacations, Insurance of the Rockies, and Blue Ribbon Home Warranty are pleased to offer a Defensible Space Grant Program for Summit County Local residents for 2020. Mitigation can be costly - maybe more than you can afford - but don't let that stop you from protecting your home.

Our goal is to assist local, full time resident property owners who want to mitigate their property, but do not have the financial resources to do so.

If you would like to be considered for a Defensible Space Grant, click below for the Application.

This document contains information regarding SUMMIT REALTORS® Defensible Space Grant and Mitigation efforts in the county. This is mailed to homeowners in Summit County every summer.


In the State of Colorado, wildfires are on the increase, due to drought and extensive fuel created by the mountain pine beetle epidemic. SUMMIT REALTORS® recognizes the need for local fire districts and homeowners alike to develop protections to aid against wildfire activity in Summit County, with a focus on proactive prevention. SUMMIT REALTORS® is the ultimate home-ownership and property rights advocate for our County and is working to educate and inform homeowners and the public to encourage voluntary opportunities for mitigation and creation of defensible spaces in and around Summit County.

To read the SAR Property and Wildfire Mitigation policy in full, please click here.

If you are a home or landowner, SAR encourages you to consider creating defensible spaces on your property.

We have provided the resources below that can assist you in this process:

Additional Resources:


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