Open House Sign Info


Please see below for links to Town and County Open House Sign Code.

Note that all information is subject to change, and we recommend following up with the area of your Open House to ensure you comply with all HOA, Town, and County Codes.

Click here for the Summit MLS, Inc. Rules and Regulations; see Section 4.4 “Open House” Signs.

 SUMMIT COUNTY (See page 13 of pdf)

BRECKENRIDGE (See section 9-15-17, Additional Signage Allowed.)

Town of Breckenridge Conservation District Boundary Map with Road Names

Town of Breckenridge Town and Conservation District Limits Map with Road Names and Parcels

Town of Breckenridge Town and Conservation District Limits Map with Road Names

Town Code Exemptions Regarding For Sale and Open House Signs


Breck Open House Sign Code 6.22

The Town of Breckenridge is now actively enforcing all sign policies. The sign policy in place during COVID concerning sandwich boards, etc. have been rescinded as of May 31st, 2022.

Attached is the Breck sign code for open houses. Please review and refresh your memory on the policy.

A few comments/clarifications:

1. Since 2019, the Code no longer requires that there be only one sign pointing in each direction at a corner. This policy means there may be a few open house signs from different offices pointing in the same direction.
2. There are often violations on Park Ave. Directional signs are not allowed anywhere on Park Ave unless placed on a grassy area of an HOA after receiving approval from the HOA. Signs may not be placed in the concrete triangle on Park Ave.
3. Ski Hill Road: Directional signs may only be placed on private property with approval from the owner or HOA. Otherwise, the first place directional sign may be placed on the right side of Ski Hill, is on a grassy area right before Ski Way Lodge. On the left side of Ski Hill, the first place a directional sign may be placed is at Twin Elk Lodge in a grassy area right before the bus stop.
4. Four O’Clock Road: No directional signs are allowed except with permission from the owner or HOA.
5. Shock Hill: Signs may be placed in the grassy areas at the entrance to Shock Hill. On Shock Hill Drive, a directional sign may be placed in the center concrete in the middle of the road.

*The Town recommends you use the Summit County GIS tool on Ski Hill and 4 o’clock Roads to determine additional land that may belong to the town where you can place a directional sign. This is also true for any area of Breckenridge you may want to place a directional sign.

You may always call Sarah Crump at the Town of Breckenridge to discuss where to place signs in Breckenridge when holding Open Houses. you can also call Sarah Thorsteinson. We are happy to help!

MLS Enforcement of Open House Sign Policy
In order to ensure our members do not lose the ability to use open house signs in Breck and our commitment to the Town to self-police, the MLS has a strict fine policy for violations sent to me by brokers.

From the MLS rules and Regulations:
Section 1.1 “Open House” Signs. Only the “Open House” signs of the listing broker Participant, or users or subscribers affiliated with such Participant, may be placed on a property. Participants, and all users or subscribers affiliated with such Participants, are subject to the Town and County ordinances for sign restrictions. In the event a Participant, or a user or subscriber affiliated with a Participant, fails to comply with the terms of this Section 4.4, both the Participant and the listing broker user or subscriber affiliated with the Participant, will be fined a fee as may be set by the MLS (See Exhibit A). This charge will appear on the Participant’s monthly billing summary and if applicable the billing summary of the listing broker user and subscriber affiliated with the Participant. If the Participant is the listing broker, they will receive fines as both the Participant and the listing broker.

Fines: All the above violations have the following fines:
1st violation   -   $ 100.00
2nd violation  -   $ 500.00
3rd violation   -   $2,000.00
4th violation   -   Termination of MLS rights, privileges, and services with no right to reapply for a specified period not to exceed three (3) years.

           COPPER MOUNTAIN (See page 7 of pdf, document page 6)

DILLON (See section 16-11-380)

FRISCO (See page 213 of pdf, document page 205)

KEYSTONE (See page 52 of pdf, document page 46)




ALMA (See page 42 of pdf)

FAIRPLAY (See article XXV Signs)